Mesón Casa de Piedra - Playa Ventura

Welcome to Mesón Casa de Piedra

Mesón Casa de Piedra, has been defined in this corner of the world a natural way where the sea, sky and earth meet. It is a place to relax, reflect, and live together with nature without sacrificing the basic comfort of Eco-tourism.

As Lauro said (one of our forst guests) &quout;I was looking for a 5 star place and found the Milky Way".

If you want to see how life is using solar power, local fishing and the sound of the ocean waves, then ,this is YOUR place.

For your comfort we speak Spanish - English - German and Czech.

Playa Ventura se puede visitar en todas las temporadas del año con un excelente clima con el sol, casi garantizado.

Climate: Tropical
Maximum temperature 34°C.
Minimum temperature 22°C (in the night).
Waves vary between:
Low: When you can snorkel, take a boat trip or dive.
High: Which is fascinating, but only for excellent swimmers.

Mesón Casa de Piedra, Playa Ventura, Guerrero
Mesón Casa de Piedra, Playa Ventura

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