Playa Ventura Nature

From the shelter of Mesón Casa de Piedra you have the opportunity to see whales, dolphines, manta rays jumping out of the sea or various fishing birds.


The pelicans are at Playa Ventura all year, you can see them fishing, playing withe the waves and resting on the rocks close to Mesón Casa de Piedra.


Between May and January, you can see 4 different species of marine turtles coming out of the sea to lay eggs on our beach. Between July and February teh baby turtles are born, you can liberate them into the sea and help them on their way.


The dolphines can pass at any moment playing with the waves during any season of the year.


The whales pass between December and March, jumping from the sea and dancing with their giant tails in the air.

Manta Rays

The manta rays play and fly like birds in the air, falling back into the sea and leaving a ring of foam around them.


With luck you can see crocodiles in the lagoons and mangroves of the coast close to the Mesón. From Barra de Tecoanapa you can take a boat trip to see crocodiles.

Other birds and animals

Other birds and animals that you can see in Playa Ventura are Martins, Vultures, various species of lizards, Armadillos, land Turtles, Bats, Iguanas, Sparrow Hawks, Boas, Giant Crabs, and thousands of bird species which are escaping the cold winter of their origins.

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