Mesón Casa de Piedra, Reviews and Comments

I've been visiting various establishments at Playa Ventura for almost 25 years, and I've loved many of them, but Meson Casa de Piedra is something very special. Owners Antonio and Radka really give of themselves to make this place wonderful for their guests. They have a spiritual philosophy and strive to ensure that their good vibes are shared with those who visit them .... more

"Casa de Piedra" was my first Mexican beach experience, and it lived up to all my expectations. We happened to be the only guests during our three days stay thus the feeling of peace and calmness was even more profound without any other tourists around. .... more

The Mesón Casa de Piedra is the loveliest and most beautiful holiday destination I´ve ever been to. I went there in spring this year, with the intention to stay only for a couple of days. What shall I say? I kept extending my stay every day and finally spent a whole week at this paradisiacal place .... more

From the moment I entered the front gate, passed the flowers, the green parrots, and met the most delightful and warm hosts, I began relaxing completely. The place is a visual feast, night and day. Wood and stone .... more

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